Here are some important questions to ask a Dental Office before choosing.

1. How much time does the Dental Hygienist spend cleaning your teeth?

- Our office gives your hygienist 1 hour per adult patient to ensure there is enough time for our patient

to receive a quality dental cleaning.

2. Are they measuring the periodontal pockets?

- Most people lose their teeth due to an infection of their gum and bone tissues that support the teeth.

- The only way to determine if the disease is present is to have the gum pockets measured.

*It is the standard of care and we do this at least once a year.

3. What kind of metal is used in a crown restoration?

- Many offices try to save costs by utilizing non-precious metals and even by shipping their lab cases out of the country.

- We use only "High Noble" precious metals at our office.

- In a Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown we use metal with 86% yellow gold.

- In a Full Gold Crown we use one with 75.6% gold.

- We have found that the body reacts more favorably to the precious metals.

4. Does the laboratory utilize a Microscope when the crown is fabricated?

- Our laboratory utilizes one to ensure the quality and fit of the restoration.

5. When procedures are done, is the Doctor there for the entire procedure or is the office delegating a lot of the duties to the assistant?

- A lot of offices have their dental assistants performing duties that free up the doctor to see other patients, such as:

- making a temporary crown at the crown preparation appointment

- cleaning cement from around both the temporary and final crowns when they are cemented

- fitting the final crown during the delivery appointment

- adjusting appliances for patients

- These are just a few of the procedures that get delegated. We believe that the doctor is better qualified to perform these procedures. Dr. Avena performs these procedures on every patient to ensure the best quality of care to each patient.

6. Does the office double book appointments?

- We DO NOT double book appointments. We reserve the adequate amount of time necessary for your appointment.

7. Does the office run on time?

- We feel your time is just as important as ours and are on time for your

appointment over 95% of the time.